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Do You Have Too Much Debt? We Can Help

If you’re reading this – then you are probably considering whether to file for bankruptcy. You probably have a lot of questions like how bankruptcy can help you get a fresh financial start, how long will it take, and how much does it cost. You are most likely stressed out because creditors continuesly calling your phone. You may be so tense you are unable to open up your mail because you can’t stand to look at the balance you owe to your creditors. As a bankruptcy attorney , let me tell you that I am here to help put an end to your worrying, by erasing your debts in bankruptcy.

We speak with clients daily who are burdened with debt, credit card bills, medical debts, repossessions, bad credit, credit report,secured debt, unsecured debt, proceedings or foreclosure. We are able to give each client a fresh financial start through bankruptcy. Whether it means that we are wiping out our clients credit card debt or medical bills or saving their home that is in foreclosure, we are able to help almost every client overcome their financial situation and make things better. As a bankruptcy lawyer, we offer a free over the phone or in-person consultation where we sit down with you and help you chart the road to a fresh financial future. Take back your life now and call us for a free consultation at (973) 494 8047


Erase Your Debt Fast by using a Bankruptcy Attorney

As an attorney at the United States Bankruptcy Court District of New Jersey division, our job is to help you wipe out your debts to clear the way for a fresh financial future for you. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. As our attorney’s are very much knowledgeable about various bankruptcy chapters such as chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy whether you have increasing credit card debt, a foreclosure, repossession, or all of the above we can help.

As a New Jersey lawyer, my job is to identify your debt issues. Then, carefully craft a solution to your unique situation. In bankruptcy, there is not a one size fits all. Some clients need help saving their homes while others need us to help them walk away from their homes. We provide individuals with their own customized solution. Contact us to schedule a free in-person consultation to see how we can help you in your unique situation; Feel free to call us at (973) 494 8047.


Yes, We Erase Credit Card Debts under bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy filing is one of the best ways to erase your credit card debt. It doesn’t matter if you have $20,000, $40,000, or over $100,000+ of credit card debt. As a bankruptcy lawyer in bankruptcy division we wipe out all of your credit card debt through a successful bankruptcy filing. Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you no longer had that credit card debt. We make life without credit card debt a reality for most of our clients.


Yes, Most Clients Keep All of Their Assets when filing for bankruptcy

Some clients mistakenly when you file for bankruptcy you somehow will lose all of your assets. In reality, most clients are able to get rid of all of their debts and keep their assets. Of course as a bankruptcy attorney, our job is to make sure that we wipe out your debt while protecting most if not all of your assets. For most clients are able to keep their home, cars, and other assets even though they are filing for bankruptcy. If you’re curious about wheater or not you can keep all of your assets in bankruptcy, then call us at (973) 494 8047 now.

Bankruptcy is an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

As a bankruptcy attorney, I get the opportunity to help people create new beginnings in their lives. People file for bankruptcy for all sorts of reasons such as losing a job, medical emergency, or unexpected expenses. I am here to help you put your difficult financial situation in the past and create a new beginning for you and your family. I have helped hundreds in filing for bankruptcy and to receive the fresh financial start that they have dreamed of.


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As a professional bankruptcy lawyer in the District of New Jersey division, we offer a FREE over-the-phone or in-person consultation. We can help you determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, which debts you can erase in bankruptcy, and whether bankruptcy is the best choice for you. We do all of this for free and we can usually do this in about 5 – 15 minutes. We offer this to you totally for free. We also offer the most competitive rates to file for bankruptcy in if you choose to work with us. Call us now to schedule a free in-person consultation at (973) 494 8047.

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